Just like every year the time between Christmas and New Years is best spent at the Chaos Communication Congress happening at the CCH in Hamburg.

Following is a list of all the talks I went to see. Unfortunately there are always some talks happening in parallel but you'll still be able to watch the stream to catch up. At the end you'll find a list of talks I liked and would recommend even if it's not a topic you are very knowledgable about.

Day 1

  • 31C3 Opening Event
  • 31C3 Keynote
  • 3D Casting Aluminum
  • Reproducible Builds
  • Practical EMV PIN interception and fraud detection
  • SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate.
  • Mobile self-defense
  • (In)Security of Mobile Banking
  • Crypto Tales from the Trenches
  • Citizenfour

Day 2

  • Why is GPG "damn near unusable"?
  • Beyond PNR: Exploring airline systems
  • Cyber Necromancy
  • Finding the Weak Crypto Needle in a Byte Haystack
  • Forging the USB armory
  • Fernvale: An Open Hardware and Software Platform, Based on the (nominally) Closed-Source MT6260 SoC
  • The Matter of Heartbleed
  • Heartache and Heartbleed: The insider’s perspective on the aftermath of Heartbleed
  • Fnord News Show

Day 3

  • Funky File Formats
  • DP5: PIR for Privacy-preserving Presence
  • Thunderstrike: EFI bootkits for Apple MacBooks
  • The Magical Secrecy Tour
  • The Perl Jam: Exploiting a 20 Year-old Vulnerability
  • UNHash - Methods for better password cracking
  • Googlequiz – 2015er Edition

Day 4

  • The rise and fall of Internet voting in Norway
  • Why are computers so @#!*, and what can we do about it?
  • State of the Onion
  • Tor: Hidden Services and Deanonymisation
  • 31C3 Closing Event


If you don't have time to watch all of them I'd recommend to watch: