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As it turns out, I do have a hostname.

2019 Podcast Recommendations 2019

My personal podcast recommendations for 2019. Includes F1, Tech, Apple and podcasts about books.

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2019 Survive a long-haul flight in Economy class

A few personal recommendations on how to survive a long haul flight in economy class.

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2019 iA Writer and Ghost Blog

I just found out that you can directly push drafts from iA Writer to a blog running on Ghost with just one click.

Excited about this fact I followed the short official guide and set everything up. Unfortunately I ran into a problem which took me a bit to resolve: Every time I linked images from my...

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2018 The sad state of RSS on the Mac

A listing of current RSS feed readers available on macOS and their problems.

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2018 Hong Kong

A short, picture-heavy summary of my two weeks trip to Hong Kong earlier this summer. To set the mood there’s some recommended songs to play if you are interested. They are to be found at the end of this post in the section named “Recommended Cantopop”—so scroll away. But don’t forget to...

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2016 Essential apps on macOS

A list of all apps I currently use on a daily basis.

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2016 Use Google Hangouts via Bitlbee / IRC

As someone who hates Google Hangouts with a passion it took me surprisingly long to look into a way to use it via an IRC bridge to get rid of the annoying Chrome app. Today I finally had some spare time to look into it and found some promising projects that enabled me to do exactly what I wanted:...

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2016 Let's Encrypt with auto-renewal and nginx

Setup Let's Encrypt with nginx, auto renewal with cron and multiple domains on Gentoo.

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2015 Duplicity with PyDrive backend for Google Drive

Storing backups in Google Drive with duplicity was broken for a long time now. Luckily someone wrote a new backend that is now able to make use of the new OAuth API requirement enforced by Google.

To make use of that new backend we’ll have to run the latest version of duplicity and duply. Both...

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2015 Setting up a Tor hidden service with nginx

A quick guide to walk you through setting up your own Tor hidden service on Gentoo and using the nginx web server.

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