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As it turns out, I do have a hostname.

2015 Duplicity with PyDrive backend for Google Drive

Storing backups in Google Drive with duplicity was broken for a long time now. Luckily someone wrote a new backend that is now able to make use of the new OAuth API requirement enforced by Google.

To make use of that new backend we’ll have to run the latest version of duplicity and duply. Both...

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2015 Setting up a Tor hidden service with nginx

A quick guide to walk you through setting up your own Tor hidden service on Gentoo and using the nginx web server.

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2015 31C3

Just like every year the time between Christmas and New Years is best spent at the Chaos Communication Congress happening at the CCH in Hamburg.

Following is a list of all the talks I went to see. Unfortunately there are always some talks happening in parallel but you’ll still be able to watch...

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2014 Push(over) notifications for Gentoo updates

This shell script will send you a push notification if there are new Gentoo updates available. It’s based on ftf’s Ruby script for Prowl.

Application Token

To get the Application token just create a new application on the Pushover website:

User Token...

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2014 Automated and encrypted backups with duplicity

Automated and encrypted backups with duplicity, duply and Gentoo.

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2014 Calculate total filesize of multiple torrent files

Quick script which lets you check if you have enough storage space to download all these sweet Linux distributions you already grabbed the .torrent file for. Nested directories (*cough* collages) are no problem.


Install dependencies listed in the script, create a directory called torrent or...

2014 ScreenUpload: Automatically upload screenshots with scp

A simple tool to automatically move, rename and upload screenshots from a specific location to a remote server with SCP.

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2014 Backup ZNC Logs automatically

This is a short script to automatically backup the ZNC logs from multiple remote servers to a local directory.

If you want to run it on a system which isn’t Mac OS you’ll probably have to tweak a few things. Especially the lines containing terminal-notifier because they make use of the...

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2014 Setting up a new Munin slave node

Filing this away for future reference.

Install munin from package sources

apt-get install munin-node

Add master node to allowed IPs

vim etc/munin/munin-node.conf

Unfortunately it’s only allowed to add IPs and not hostname. The format you’ll have to follow is:

allow ^xxx\.xxx\.xxx\.xxx$...

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2014 Nginx, Wildcard SSL and Subdomains

I just setup SSL on all my * domains and here’s how I did it.

Buy certificate

First you need to buy a wildcard certificate, I bought one from

If you want to secure subdomains you’ll need to spend a little bit more and go for one of their wildcard...

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