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2014 Atlas of the Conflict

The Atlas of the Conflict is a beautiful book containing over 500 maps and diagrams providing both a great overview and very detailed information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The author of the book is Malkit Shoshan and the design was done by Joost Grootens who also designed a lot of...

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2014 Mass renaming files - now with more Vim!

As it happens you sometimes end up with a bunch of files which you would rather rename to something else and it’d be pretty sweet to just rename them like you would search and replace strings while working with Vim. Guess what, there’s a tool just like that and it’s fittingly...

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2014 Recover photos from storage devices

Today I got asked if I could recover some photos from an accidentally formatted CompactFlash memory card. I knew about TestDisk already because I used it in the past to recover some files from corrupted harddisks but I was looking for another, easier tool for the task.

I wasn’t able to find...

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2014 Have you ever heard of Austria? - Kangaroo!

Sometimes I interview people on IRC and one of the questions I’m asking is:

Have you ever heard of Austria? If you have, what are the first three words that come to your mind?

Because I have text files (IRC logs) of all these conversations it almost asks for being analysed so we’ll use...

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2014 Overwriting Textual's shortcuts

If you are anything like me, you are connected to a large number of IRC networks and the accompanying channels. As it happens, I’m also developing for the web at the same time which usually involves reloading your browser window from time to time. (Shortcut: cmd + R)


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2014 Fixing things - the ugly way

Because sometimes it’s just easier to find a dirty workaround than actually fixing the underlying problem.

The problem:

For some unknown reason pywhatauto is replacing my working cookie file for BTN with an incomplete one. Probably due to a failed authentication with the site. (I blame...

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2014 Pick a random file from a directory

AKA. Which movie should I watch today?

Unfortunately the version of sort shipped with Mac OS doesn’t include the -R / --random-sort option and shuf doesn’t come by default. We’ll have to install GNU’s coreutils to use them.

If you are using homebrew it’s as simple as...

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2014 Running OpenVPN with OpenVZ

Just filing this away for future reference.

If you want to run OpenVPN within a OpenVZ container you’ll have to setup the iptables rules for the correct network interface (You don’t say!). Most likely it’s called venet0. You can double check this with ifconfig as root or just...

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2014 Make calibre updates less annoying

If you are dealing with ebooks you are probably aware of Calibre. It’s ugly and a pain to use but it’s currently the only application to use if you are serious about organizing your books and/or sync books not purchased on Amazon to your Kindle.

One of Calibres quirks is that it’s...

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2014 Backup your server with Tarsnap

Regular and automated backups are hard to get right if you are not on a Mac using TimeMachine.

There are multiple ways to keep and maintain backups on a linux box (rsnapshot, rsync,…). I was searching for a service to create and store encrypted offsite backups which is reasonable cheap. I...

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