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As it turns out, I do have a hostname.

Dash 8 at INN Airport

Dash 8 at INN Airport

About me

I’m a software engineer mostly working with Go on the backend and currently working and living in Berlin, Germany.

If you want to contact me:, happy to hear from you!

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About the blog

This is the third iteration of my blog, now running on the Hugo static site generator. Previously I was using Ghost which I still think is a good choice in general. I slowly started to dislike it as they moved from pure Markdown based posts to their own — more powerful — post format. This made working with my Markdown editor of choice, iA Writer, hard and I ended up with multiple versions of the same post and no way to keep a source of truth or sync back my changes that I did in the Ghost CMS.

The theme I’m using is based on Ink and I tweaked it with with custom layouts / CSS to make it work for my use case. Full credit to Kailash Nadh, thanks!