The Hidden Blog

As it turns out, I do have a hostname.

Dash 8 at INN Airport

Dash 8 at INN Airport

About me

I’m a software engineer mostly working with Go on the backend and currently working and living in Berlin, Germany.

If you want to contact me:, happy to hear from you!

Other places

Side projects

  • Annoying.Technology, a blog about daily annoyances curated with Manu
  • Birdfeeder, never forget about your Twitter bookmarks again. Birdfeeder sends you a list of your new bookmarks to your email inbox once a week.
  • Editorial Sync, all your blog posts in your calendar. Schedule blog posts with your team with ease.

About the blog

This is the third iteration of my blog, now running on the Hugo static site generator. Previously I was using Ghost which I still think is a good choice in general. I slowly started to dislike it as they moved from pure Markdown based posts to their own — more powerful — post format. This made working with my Markdown editor of choice, iA Writer, hard and I ended up with multiple versions of the same post and no way to keep a source of truth or sync back my changes that I did in the Ghost CMS.

The theme I’m using is based on Ink and I tweaked it with with custom layouts / CSS to make it work for my use case. Full credit to Kailash Nadh, thanks!