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New music in my email inbox

Published on February 12, 2023

In the past years I came to the realization that I don’t discover new music any more. Now I see new albums if they show up on my “Listen Now” view in Apple Music and stream them there.

Many years ago I was a heavy user of Gazelle-based websites. These have the advantage that they have a global Top 10 section where you always discover random new albums that are there purely because more people were interested in them, not because they got pushed in front of you by an algorithm. The only factors are the following, as the source code tells us.

ORDER BY (t.Seeders + t.Leechers) DESC

This weekend I spend a few hours building a small script that aims at combining the best of both worlds. It sends me a weekly summary of the Top 10 albums of a Gazelle-based site, enriched with streaming links for Apple Music.

An example email in my inbox

An example email in my inbox

In case you are curious, the project is on GitHub and pull requests are, of course, welcome in case someone wants to add Spotify, YouTube,… links.