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Setting up a new Munin slave node

Published on July 11, 2014

Filing this away for future reference.

Install munin from package sources

apt-get install munin-node

Add master node to allowed IPs

vim etc/munin/munin-node.conf

Unfortunately it’s only allowed to add IPs and not hostname. The format you’ll have to follow is:

allow ^xxx\.xxx\.xxx\.xxx$

Clone the official plugin repository

We are going to clone the repository with the latest third-party plugins to /etc/munin/plugins-get. Once you’ve done this just symlink the plugins you want to use into Munin’s plugin directory. This also makes it very easy to update.

git clone /etc/munin/plugins-git

In this example we are going to symlink a plugin which accepts an additional parameter. In our case the network interface on this OpenVZ server.

ln -s /etc/munin/plugins-git/plugins/network/vnstat_ /etc/munin/plugins/vnstat_venet0