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2024 From Hugo to Kirby

It's this time of the year again where I'm switching blogging engines, instead of writing blog posts. As you can probably not see (I tried to manually recreate …

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2024 Dim Sum Labs: Hackerspace in Hong Kong

One of my favorite discoveries when staying in Hong Kong in the past two years was the hackerspace " Dim Sum Labs" (DSL). It is the first of its kind in the …

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2024 Lock Contention on Google Cloud SQL and Postgres

Lock Contention on Google Cloud SQL and Postgres

I recently looked into some performance issues on a large PostgreSQL 13.12 instance. One part of that was to make sure we don’t have too much locking going on …

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2023 Two months in Hong Kong

In 2023 I spent two months in Hong Kong, here’s a small subset of places that I remember and liked. More inspiration for places to visit are in my vlog …

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2023 Vlogging

This year I started playing around with creating video content. The goal was to create low-effort semi-frequent video summaries of what I have been up to. I …

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2023 New music in my email inbox

In the past years I came to the realization that I don't discover new music any more. Now I see new albums if they show up on my "Listen Now" view in Apple …

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2023 Taking a look at Nostr

After hearing about Nostr from multiple people over the past weeks I decided to take a look and learn more about it. I found, …

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2023 Fixing failed installation of EPSON printer driver

Recently I ran into the issue where installing an EPSON SC-P900 printer driver on macOS (before and after the update to Ventura) always failed with a generic …

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2022 Convert video for Twitter

If you want to post a video on Twitter there's a few rules that are important for the video to be accepted. Unfortunately the interface will only show "The …

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2022 Push notifications from AppSignal with Pushover

Push notifications from AppSignal with Pushover

I'm using AppSignal to monitor Birdfeeder. Birdfeeder's job is to send your Twitter bookmarks to your email inbox so you don't forget about them. On the …

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